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-Happyland- -Happyland-

Rated 5 / 5 stars


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paradigm shift paradigm shift

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I know that you got the concept of this song from LTE, Paradigm Shift. To count it as plagerism or not is beyond my thought right now. I'd call it more of a ReMix instead. You did a great job with the drum set sounds and playing nearly as good as John Petrucci did. And lastly, you went ABOVE two minutes. Thats where you get your real credit :D

So all-in-all, awesome job, nice length, amazing song, 10/10. LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMEEENT ROOCCKKS

scarified scarified

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Welcome to MetalTown!..wait wtf?

Indeed, you surprised me here. Techno, something I did not really suspect from you. And even more shocking, 41 SECONDS!? Seriously lol..oh well.

It is a loop so I can't really call it short. Since this is techno, i'll judge it off of two things. Drums and SFX (All the Misc. noises).

SFX: Whats up with those..bell noises? Or whatever it is. When it comes to noises like that, I can never describe what they are. But yeah, either way it sounds fine to me, and loops perfectly.

Drums: All I can say is, techno is one of those genres that really makes percussion stand out, and a horrible beat can make the whole song die. But my friend, your drumming did not go in vain. I found it dynamic and timed well. So all-in-all you did yourself a good job here. 5/5 9/10. (You lost one point because of the length. Boo-hoo, you still got a 5/5 so suck it up).

cowdog2 responds:

LOL! sorry for the false hopes

I always enjoy reading your reviews, YOu're fucking awesome.

Mauled Mauled

Rated 5 / 5 stars

By mauled, you mean its just eating out our souls?

Because I feel my sould being threatened from this song's length again. Your timing of percussion and dynamic tunes of the guitar is of course, as vivid as ever. Of course the piano has come into play again for this hardcore piece of shit, and thats a good thing.

The only problem is..lemme hear it...LENGTH!!! Althought its small, you never cease to amaze me with the power you cram this metalfestation in.

One thing I noticed is, you changed the bass drum sound. Its not as heavy before, feels lighter to me. Either that, or the quality somehow changed it. I doubt i'm just "hearing things" though, part of my life is engulfed in percussion. But ah, who cares. The song is of course, AMAZING. So go give yourself a pat on the back. Now i'mma put this on my MP3 player and go to bed, because once again, i'm up late BUT not as crunked out as the last time i've been reviewing ya.

5/5 10/10.

Edd's Crappy Song Edd's Crappy Song

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Why is it that when people try to make good songs, its just crap in the end, and yet when someone tried to make crap, it sounds awesome?

Life is a bunch of bull. Anyways, its a nice song, but I can't come close to describe what kind of genre this would fit in. That just means its original I guess. 5/5

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Cries from lost souls Cries from lost souls

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The finale..

It seems this will be my last review for you..until I come hunting you down for more songs. Lets see if I saved the best for last..SHIT MAN. All your songs are below 2 minutes. I'm gonna cry myself to sleep..whenever that is. I got a case of insomnia I think. 4:13am, fuck me.

So yeah, this song is quite distinct from the others you made, mostly because of the keyboard effect. I also like how you began the song, it just seems right.

Now this is the final summarization review for all songs you have made. Thats right, all 9? Or something like that. This is what I have to say:

Your style is not really hardcore to metal in terms of percussion, but you keep it smooth with the right timing of cymbals, and controlled strokes of the bass. But you could use some tom-toms in your songs next time.

Your guitar is phenomenal, because each song holds something special with it. Whether it be the cry for souls or the march of the..turkish..yeah. But you bring originality and entertainment with the unique guitar you withheld.

And finally, the keyboard and SFX. Some songs like the Waking of the Dead are just perfect with the keyboard. Others are not..mostly becuase they dont even have keyboard notes in them. Hah, scared you didn't I? Eh probably not, why would you even read all these review written by this poor man who isn't even sleeping.

Oh and the vocals...that better not be you in Waking the Dead. Heh, of course its not you, but I'd like to know who. But i'm not much of a vocal person when it comes to metal so, screw that section off.

All-in-all, your drums are simple but smooth, guitar is what makes the party come alive, and the keyboard just adds to the fun, like I said. Originality is a plus with your songs as well...except for the Turkish thing. Of course you didn't make that shit up.

So congratz, summarizing all 9 songs together, you get a 4.5/5 (Weird how I did 5 for all the songs individually right? That's because I was sick of the low ratings.) and a 9/10. My suggestion: Make your songs FREAKING LONGER!!

My job here is done, I must now head back to bed and wake up, because either i'm dreaming this shit or i'm sleep walking or..i'm just really F'ed up tired.

So keep making songs, and i'll come hunting back for more. May the gods of metal be on your side and protect you from the mindless souls of supernatural shit that creeps behind your every now-n-then.

robots are our friends robots are our friends

Rated 5 / 5 stars

What the hell is this?

No idea what this is from but, you reached the two-minute mark, you lucky sunofabitch. I should congratulate you must be testing my patience or something because this is the 2nd-to-last review i'm making for you. You mustve known i'd come on and just complain about the length so you made THIS.

Well you saved yourself by making a really...really...hardcore metal version of w/e? Well somehow you got a 4.26 on this, and I think theres some better songs you have then this. But w/e, THE REVIEW!

Somehow i'm saying the same things over and over again. "Nice drums, good guitar" blah blah. Thats because its 4:11am and i'm sick in my stomach, or your song is so amazing that I just can't stop listening to it. I gotta say though, the robot sayings, which are somewhat inaudible, are pretty fuking cool. And the way you compile the metal-ness of your style, which is somewhat predictable by now, is awesome.

So my hat is off to you, well done. 5/5 10/10 (You lucky bitch, reaching the 2min mark).

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Turkish march metal Turkish march metal

Rated 5 / 5 stars

speechless? I guess i'll have to ignore the length of the track this time and focus on the fact that you obviously just had fun making this song.

So yeah..nice copy of the song, metal version that is. The drums are still on my favor though, because you time them perfectly and dont mash them everywhere like a freaking idiot. So yeah..good job on the song. Woo?

5/5 10/10, because its fun to listen to.

ripped aparted ripped aparted

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

So close..

1:52. 8 more seconds could've made this song 2 minutes...this is getting on my nerves boy..but yeah. Explain to me why these songs have low ratings? Either people who are voting are techno-only assholes who hate metal and just decided to flame it on YOU or, somehow these songs suck but they sound great to me...I really don't know and dont care, this is my opinion so screw everyone else.

I gotta stop sidetracking, now then. This song was REALLY good at 0:26. It reminds me of the marching of supernatural shit thats marching towards people doom..yay. Seriously, the tune sounds amazing along with the drums. I notice they keep getting faster from what i'm reviewing..weird. The ending now..the classic half-note bass with the quarter-note hi-hat, along with of course..the GUITAR SOLO!! Yeah, sounds great. High five to you I guess.

5/5 9.5/10 (Give me longer shit).

waking the dead waking the dead

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

What the..hell?

Did you make this song? Or..what the hell? Now i'm damn confused. I should've reviewed this one before the instrumental. Well you'll notice my mistake anyways, so oh well.

Now I did NOT expect a woman singing this, shocked the hell out of me. I'm still confused though at who made it so, just to play it safe, I wont go on about the singer..but I wish I knew who it was heh.

Somehow the vocals dont fit in at 0:12-0:17, to the keyboard effect anyways. It just..doesnt..I can't explain why. But yeah, sounds more...zombieghoulified with her voice I guess. I already reviewed your music so, I aint gonna do it again.

5/5 9/10.