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Loved it

One of the few well-made parodies out there of Left 4 Dead. If you play it enough, you'll understand some of the inside jokes that was portrayed in this flash.

1.) Louis eating KFC = There is always some idiot standing behind doing nothing. Eating a snack bucket of KFC is just one of the possibilities.

2.) Francis' departure = When you first play the game in No Mercy, at least for me, you realize you're being raped by these zombies since you really have no clue on how to exactly to respond.

3.) Car incident = ALWAYS an idiot shooting the car, always. Doesn't matter what you say, it's still shot.

4.) Tank appearance = Damn AI Director spawns a tank right infront of the safehouse doors. Resistance is Futile.

5.) Anal-shots from Louis = Something that is really irrelavent to L4D. An add-on of the flash i'd say.

6.) "What are the odds?" = You get these rare moments where an idiot gets smokered while the other idiot stares at the witch God knows what they're thinking, and finally you got zoey who just so happens to get pounced, which leaves one guy left, whom depending on the situation A.) Suicides | B.) Rage Quits | C.) Attempt heroism.

7.) Louis huntered = For some reason, people like to be blind and deaf, and not realize that there's that one person missing. "Hmm wonder where he is?" HE'S GETTING POUNCED MORON.

8.) Francis' Monologue = Inside Joke of the author, hell if I know why he put the face of some kid.

9.) Smoker incident = First time you get smokered, you'll know what it means.

The list goes on and on and forever more.

So yeah, great flash, woohoo.

Very nice flash indeed!

Now make one for Obama.

No Plot Required

All I had to do was sit here in my comfy chair and stare at a unique type of art. Very Relaxing.

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One of the few games out there that's actually completely original. Very well made as well with smooth art and satisfying music. 10/10

Also, why the hell would you want the tutorital removed lagrunger? You wouldn't even understand what you gotta do without it.

Hah, reminds me of The Portal

The ending made me shank myself. Great way to completely manipulate someone into playing through the whole thing either way. Nice job.


Don't just think of 9/11 only, think of all the other buildings out there that are on fire, with people jumping out of windows to save their own life...but yeah, its just a game lol. Its not like he targetted 9/11 specifically from the concept of this game.

Anyways, nice game, REALLY simple..which I like. I find killing the lil stick man by splatting them all over the concrete pavement much more enjoyable...but hey, I guess not everyone is like that..oh well. 4/5, 8/10.

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I know that you got the concept of this song from LTE, Paradigm Shift. To count it as plagerism or not is beyond my thought right now. I'd call it more of a ReMix instead. You did a great job with the drum set sounds and playing nearly as good as John Petrucci did. And lastly, you went ABOVE two minutes. Thats where you get your real credit :D

So all-in-all, awesome job, nice length, amazing song, 10/10. LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMEEENT ROOCCKKS

Welcome to MetalTown!..wait wtf?

Indeed, you surprised me here. Techno, something I did not really suspect from you. And even more shocking, 41 SECONDS!? Seriously lol..oh well.

It is a loop so I can't really call it short. Since this is techno, i'll judge it off of two things. Drums and SFX (All the Misc. noises).

SFX: Whats up with those..bell noises? Or whatever it is. When it comes to noises like that, I can never describe what they are. But yeah, either way it sounds fine to me, and loops perfectly.

Drums: All I can say is, techno is one of those genres that really makes percussion stand out, and a horrible beat can make the whole song die. But my friend, your drumming did not go in vain. I found it dynamic and timed well. So all-in-all you did yourself a good job here. 5/5 9/10. (You lost one point because of the length. Boo-hoo, you still got a 5/5 so suck it up).

cowdog2 responds:

LOL! sorry for the false hopes

I always enjoy reading your reviews, YOu're fucking awesome.

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On the contrary good sir

I think I'll head to sleep right now whilst I dream of such a splendiferous piece of art.

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